Essential tips to decrease Bounce Rate

Essential tips to decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the one of the most important metric in Google analytics and it is refer as a user can visit your page or a website and leave without viewing any other pages of your website. Bounce rate calculated in percentage of visitors of your website who came to your website and leave immediately without viewing any other pages of your website. If your website bounce rate is 70% it means 70% of users who came to your website and leaving immediately. If you decrease you blog bounce rate automatically you can earn more from your ads. In other words less bounce rate means more page views, which may generate more revenue, more engagement of your website.

Now a day’s every online business primary goal is decrease bounce rate of the website and increase the revenue of their business. If you are not getting the proper result of bounce rate it is clear indication, maybe your content, website layout and marketing funnel has failed. But don’t worry, in this article I share some effective, practical tips to decrease bounce rate of website.

How to calculate Bounce rate of your website

Where: Rb= Bounce Rate Tv= Total number of visitors who viewed only one page Te = Total number of visitors to the web page

Few essential tips to decrease bounce rate of your website

  • Make sure your site navigation simple and easy understandable
  • Keep Your Content fresh, quality and easy readable
  • Write short Paragraphs
  • Insert related images and videos in the middle of the content
  • Use search box on your website
  • Decrease the broken links in your content
  • All external links should be open in new window
  • Add more content related internal links
  • If your blog in CMS use related content plug-in
  • Spilt your longer posts into chapters
  • Translate your site for international traffic
  • Design your website responsive and mobile friendly
  • Create useful 404 page
  • Concentrate on page speed
  • Create attractive and useful landing pages
  • Improve you sales funnel

What is a Good Bounce Rate?

Bounce rates vary widely from industry to industry and web page to web page. Typical bounce rates for different types of pages are:

Service sites : 10 – 30%

Retail Site : 20 – 40%

Lead Generation : 30 – 50%

Content websites : 40 – 60%

Landing Pages: 70 – 90%

Blogs : 70 – 98%


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